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Fritz Grupe in water obstacle Combined Driving Event
Shady Oaks CDE
2014 Officials & Staff:
  • Jury:
    President of the Jury:

    Martha Hanks-Nicoll (VA)
    Ground Jury:
    Shelly Temple (VA)
    Boots Wright (FL)
  • Technical Delegate:
    Ed Young (USA)
  • Announcer:
    Buck Scholderer
  • Course Designer:
    Barry Hunter (GBR)
  • Veterinarian:
    Pioneer Equine
  • EMT Service:

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Shady Oaks Farm
Combined Driving Event





hosted by
Fritz & Phyllis Grupe
Lodi, California

Located near lovely Lodi, California at the corner of Hwy. 12 and Interstate 5 ("Flag City" exit)

Important Dates:

Entries Open: July 15, 2014
Entries Close: August 15, 2014

The General Info. page includes information for:

Competitors • Volunteers • Vendors

  • Schedule
  • Directions to Shady Oaks
  • Motorized Vehicle Policy
  • Parking
  • Golf Cart Rental Info.
  • Accommodations - Motels & Off-Site Camping
  • On-Site Camping
  • Dog Policy (important - please read)
  • Food & Meals

date last updated:
3 August 2014



Sept. 16:

Competitor List -
click here.

Dressage Order of Go is now posted - click here.

The venue is large.

See the Motorized Vehicles policy on our General Info page



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American Driving Society

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